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3 Reasons Smaller is Better When it Comes To Weddings

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Weddings these days are generally a huge affair. We are all familiar with the banquet halls, tables and tables of guests, and the sea of essential strangers that are all fighting for the bartender’s attention. Instead of opting for a large wedding that may leave you spread thin and over budget, consider our 3 reasons smaller is better when it comes to weddings.

Tailored Guest List = More Time for Guests

When you whittle down your guest list to a small number of your nearest and dearest, several wonderful things happen. For one, on your wedding day you are likely to know everyone and therefore feel more relaxed. The people that are important to you and your future spouse are there, and so you can simply have fun without feeling like you are being judged by a sea of strangers. Another reason this is great is because you have time to spend with each guest, or at least each table. Instead of making your guests feel like a body quota you needed to reach, you can have a laugh with everyone—which will make the event more pleasant and memorable for everyone. Lastly, if you are a DIYer, doing a DIY wedding is much easier for a smaller wedding, and you are more likely to get help from the people in attendance.

You’ll Splurge and Stay on Budget

Some couples choose to have a small wedding not because they don’t have money to blow, but because they want to have a truly extravagant day. It is much kinder on your wallet to upgrade for, say, 75 people than it is for 250 people. This way, you get to stay on budget and have all of those crazy things that you were dreaming about. I mean, if you really wanted, every table could have its own ice sculpture and your guests could walk away with an artisan box of chocolates for their wedding favors for the same price as getting a nice-but-still-bulk favor for 300 people plus the cost of those centerpieces. See what we mean? You can stay and budget and live like a king when you have a small wedding.

More Personalization

Personalization is one of the things that truly makes a wedding special. When a bride and/or a groom is able to make several individualized touches throughout a wedding it generally manages to be more memorable for all of the guests involved. It is easier to knit 50 favors for a wedding than it is to knit 400.

Furthermore, when you have fewer guests, more venue options are open to you, which opens up a whole new kind of creativity in wedding planning. You may be able to host your wedding at a museum, in a zoo, at an art gallery, a winery, a brewery, or even at a small and classy outdoor retreat. Destination weddings are also much easier when you have fewer guests, which means you have fewer people to coordinate travel for.

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