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5 Flowers Perfect For Winter Weddings

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Bride in beautiful winter mittens holds a wedding winter bouquet

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If you have having a winter wedding please do not be concerned about flowers as some truly beautiful options will be in season and readily available.  You can create a truly striking display of cold-weather flowers perfect for any wedding and budget with these readily available options.  Here is a closer look at some of the timeless blooms you can add to your special winter wonderland.


closeup of bride hands holding beautiful wedding bouquet

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A timeless classic for any occasion and any season, roses are available for a winter wedding.  You also have your choice of color from creamy wide to the bold, dramatic black-red variety.  The color selection also means a match with almost any color scheme and the lovely simplicity of the rose integrates with nearly any other flower.


Red amaryllis with snowy background

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The amaryllis is a genus of flowering bulbs which are widely sold in the winter months due to their ability to bloom indoors.  The color is usually white with red stripes but pink, purple, and scarlet can also be found.  The large, unique blooms are striking and their naturally occurring colors make them easy to mix with other flowers.  As the amaryllis is a symbol of the winter seasons it is a great choice to use at a cold weather wedding.

Lilies & Lilies of the Valley

Bouquet from lilies of the valley

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Already a stunning flower by itself, the lily, and its significance, make it a natural at a wedding.  They can be found in a variety of colors from creamy white to flaming red and are not only gorgeous in bouquets but also in centerpieces or even hairpieces.  Some lilies have truly unique coloring, such as dark pink tips on white, a red-black center on an otherwise ivory petal, and even the tiger lily whose warm hues make it an ideal choice for cold weather.  Once mare the color variation makes the lily easy to blend with other flowers and an arrangement of bulb-type flows is nothing short of spectacular.


Beautiful wedding bouquet in bride's hands

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One of the most elegant of flowers orchids are a natural at weddings.  Their aroma is just an added perk to their beauty and the colors they come in are stunning.  There is white, cream, pink, purple, even an electric blur variety.  Multicolored orchids are truly a feast for the eyes with their patterns of pink on yellow and maroon on white.  It would be a difficult task to find a bride who would not want these stunners at her wedding.


Bride holding wedding bouquet from white tulipes and golden-daisies

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Cold-weather tulips make a unique and whimsical statement at a wedding.  Another variety of flower that comes in a wide arrange of colors, tulips can look stunning mixed in with a bouquet of fellow winter flowers.  They complement many other flowers beautifully and are perfect for a bride who is looking for yet another unique flower to add to her arrangements.

Color Combinations

Wedding Bouquet.

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Cold weather flowers allow striking color schemes ranging from all white to a mixture of cream, blush, and purest red.  These particular varieties also give the option of a pink/blush hued arrangement and the reds and greens found in flowers are a perfect complement to Christmas.  So if you are planning a winter wedding, rest assured your floral choices are not only abundant but downright luxurious.

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