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5 Things No Bride Wants to Forget On Her Wedding Day

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There are few days as crazy as your wedding day. Most brides spend months planning and stressing about every last detail of their special day. From the food and party favors, to invitations and song selection, the decisions and to do lists seem endless! When the day finally arrives and all the planning is finally over, there are still a few things for a bride to remember! Here is a list of five things no bride wants to forget on her wedding day.

Brides, don’t forget:

  1. Your Dress: Unlikely though it may be, it is definitely not impossible to forget to bring the dress! You most likely spent days, if not weeks, searching for that one perfect dress that would make you feel beautiful on your special day. Then you probably spent months eating right and exercising so that it would fit just right. So when the craziness of the day sets in, don’t let all that hard work go to waste by forgetting the dress! Put your maid of honor or another responsible bridesmaid on dress duty. Let her know exactly when and where your dress needs to be (usually the photographers want to get pictures of your dress before you put it on, so get it to your location early!)
  2. Your Vows: Many couples are opting to skip the traditional wedding vows in favor of writing their own personalized vows to one another. It adds an incredibly sentimental and special touch to the most important part of your wedding ceremony but it can also add a lot of stress if they are somehow lost or forgotten on your big day. The best thing to do is have several copies on hand—including a digital copy on your smartphone—so that you always have a backup plan.
  3. Your Groom: With all the excitement and pampering that takes place on your wedding day, it is easy to get so focused on yourself that you forget it is a special day for your groom as well. This day is about the two of you becoming united. So don’t forget to include him and plan ways to make him feel important too. Prepare a gift for your groom to open on the day of your wedding to let him know you are thinking of him. Make sure your photographers capture his preparation and excitement as well.
  4. To Eat: Low blood sugar is something no bride wants to battle on her wedding day. Even though you may not feel like eating a large meal (stress can do that to you!) it is important to fuel your body throughout the day. Eat small snacks and drink plenty of water to keep your blood sugar and energy levels up.
  5. To Enjoy: All the planning and stress has paid off. Your day has finally arrived and you are marrying the man of your dreams in the perfect dress in your dream location. Don’t forget to stop and take it all in. It is easy to focus so hard on making sure everything is just right, that you end up missing the beauty of the moment. Talk to your friends (who probably traveled from all around to be with you), dance with your father, eat a plate of the meal you carefully selected… You will cherish these memories for the rest of your life.

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