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Awkward Wedding Moments You Will Encounter

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Awkward Wedding Moments You Will Encounter

Weddings, for the most parts, are exciting and unforgettable events. However, you have to admit – there may be some awkward wedding moments you will encounter, and there’s nothing left for you to do but to smile, shrug it off, and make the most out of these! Sure, it can be both an awkward and embarrassing experience, but well, it should bring out the creative person in you to squiggle yourself out of that situation. In the same way, you can just let out a good laugh and get your sense of humor take over. No matter which way you prefer to deal with the awkwardness, you can bet these moments to be a fond memory to look back to years from now. So, check out some of the common awkward situations in weddings, and perhaps gain some tips on how to deal with these (in case you ever find yourself stuck in such moments, that is).

Height Issues

Brides, in particular, look forward to their wedding day. In fact, some women have been planning this special event since they were little girls. They imagine themselves all clad in a queen-like gown, carrying a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, and people just admiring and commenting on how beautiful they are. Of course, most brides will want to wear high heels to give them an even more model-like appearance. Their shoes simply complement their outfits, and there is no way that they will ever consider giving up a perfect pair of pumps or sexy high heels for this event. One problem, though – the groom has some kind of an issue on the height department. Let’s look at it this way – the bride and the groom, when standing right next to each other, will remind people of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. This sure can be a little awkward for the guy with a lovely woman towering over him! With this in mind, forget high heels and go for flats to keep your man confident instead of awkward about being not too tall for you.

Zip It Up

Listen up, guys – this next awkward moment is something you don’t want to happen on your wedding day! If you suddenly feel a draft down there, then yikes, you know for sure that you have to zip it up. Some guys tend to forget to check their pants after going to the bathroom, and they end up walking around, smiling in front of the camera and greeting people – and still remain totally unaware that their fly’s open. Well, this should be a firm reminder for you the next time you leave the bathroom. Check your pants and be sure everything is as it should be. You sure don’t want people staring at you for the wrong reasons, do you?

Walking On Stilts

You like high heels, but are you ready for these killer shoes? Unless you have spent some time getting used to your 5-inch heeled shoes, you might end up feeling as though you’re walking on stilts on your big day. Remember, once you walk down the aisle, everyone is bound to look at you. Make a nasty slip with your shoes, and this should turn into a very awkward situation right then and there! If this incidence is caught on camera, then it’s even worse than you could imagine. Naturally, the best way to go is to make an awesome impression by walking with poise, grace and confidence. So, practice, practice, practice, and you should do amazing with your walk – even with high heels on.

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