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Beauty Appointments To Make 3 Months Out

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Beauty Appointments To Make 3 Months Out

To be fair, these beauty appointments are not necessary for you to look your best on your wedding day. You could wake up and wash your face and brush your teeth and your lover would still marry you just as quickly. If you don’t want to chance that your fiancé will leave you at the altar if you don’t get every hair plucked and every nip tucked, then these are the appointments for you. Here are beauty appointments to make three months out.

Hair Appointment

Scout out hair dressers that will give you the look that you want on your wedding day. Make the appointment 3 months or more giving you plenty of time to make any changes to your style that you may not like. Make arrangements with them to do your hair the day of your wedding and keep them in the loop with your changing plans.


Do your research for a good make-up artist that will chisel your face into almost unrecognizable beauty. If you can afford the best make-up artist in town go for it. Make an appointment 3 months in advance to test drive their abilities, and decide which one is the best miracle worker for you. Work out the details and arrange for them to do your make-up on your wedding day.

Facials & Treatments

Start clearing your skin with weekly facials starting 3 months out. It will give your skin time to heal in case you get breakouts and irritation. Try some body treatments such as salt scrubs, mud baths and other skin treatments to condition your skin. Starting early will help your body to adjust to the chemicals and possible allergic reactions.

Get A Trainer

If you have a few pounds that you need to get rid of before the wedding, this is the time to get serious. Start three months out or more with a good trainer that will whip you into shape and get you on the right track to being healthier and fit. Maybe you could do this as a couple and give each other some support and strength on this ever-changing journey.

See A Dentist

Would you like to have a really white smile or fix those teeth that make you feel self-conscious? Make an appointment with your dentist to fix you up for your big day. There are so many inexpensive alternatives to having a beautiful smile these days.

How you choose to spiff up for your wedding is completely up to you. The only thing you really need is a bath and fresh breath to make the day go perfectly.

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