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Ceremony Disasters And Practical Tips To Avoid Them

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Ceremony Disasters And Practical Tips To Avoid Them

In weddings, there are funny, heartwarming, awkward and just plain memorable situations that may occur. After all, any events with a combination of guests from different backgrounds can sure lead to one exciting wedding – with some unexpected moments along the way! Fortunately, you can prepare for any less-than-perfect scenarios on your big day and avoid these ceremony disasters. By having some idea on what to expect, you can spare yourself from serious headaches and additional expenses during this event as you become aware about these issues that may arise.

Little Tykes Attack

Oh, aren’t kids just so adorable and lovable and plain cute? We all know that they have an irresistible charm, which makes them the highlight of any event. However, if people are starting to notice these little tykes for the wrong reasons (i.e., acting rowdy, shouting and running around, breaking things, etc), then it’s time to do some kids-on-high control before it gets out of hand. First things first – you have to understand why children behave in a way we don’t want them to. Mainly, they start to turn into rambunctious creatures when they get bored or uncomfortable. Sure, they look angelic in their beautiful gowns or cute tuxedos, but this image of them fades away quick when they become restless. The solution? Be prepared for such situations by keeping these little ones preoccupied and divert their attention once they begin to act wild. Keep them busy with a box of crayons, coloring books, or a set of age-appropriate books during the reception. If you can assign someone to watch over them in one table and have them work on something productive, then that should be even better.

Wardrobe Malfunction

Got a little problem with your and your bridesmaids’ gowns? While your outfits may look gorgeous, there are some instances when slight issues occur such as a tiny rip here and there, zipper stuck, or there’s a teeny tiny stain on the back of the gown since it’s that time of the month. Solve these unwanted concerns with your outfit by bringing along a kit that includes items to address all of these problems. Some of the items to put in the kit that you should never leave home without are the following – bobby pins, sticky tape, safety pins, baby powder, stain-removal stick, sanitary pads, cotton balls, thread and needle. Have someone reliable to carry this kit around and never worry anymore about wardrobe issues!

Killer Shoes—Literally!

You love your sexy pumps, but they’re killing your feet slowly. Unfortunately, the night is still young, and there are still several hours to go before the event ends. If your feet hurt so bad, how can you possibly survive without getting nasty cramps? Well, this is why you need to bring with you a pair of comfy shoes or sandals and ditch those heels. If your gown is up to your feet, then you can surely get away with slippers, and people won’t even notice. Remember Kristen Stewart’s famous Vans that barely matched her skimpy Awards-Night-Looking gowns? Well, if you are not too confident of pulling off the same look, then at least hide your fuzzy slippers underneath your wedding gown, and still look like a million bucks.

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