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Easy Ways To Incorporate The Mother Of The Groom

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Some mothers have all the luck, being blessed with beautiful and charming daughters that guys are lining up to marry. And some mothers have sons, never being given the chance to play the M.o.t.B. (Mother of the Bride). If you find yourself marrying a man whose only siblings are four-legged family members or brothers, it might be a nice gesture to give the Mother of the Groom (M.o.t.G.) some role in the wedding planning. Sure, not every mother dreams about helping plan her daughter’s wedding only to be burdened with sons alone, so each situation is different. But if you think your future mother-in-law would like to have a hand in the wedding planning, here are some easy ways to get her involved without hurting anyone else’s feelings.

It’s important to remember that the rehearsal dinner is traditionally under the purview of the groom’s family. For some M.o.t.G.s this is more than enough, but for others they just won’t be satisfied with such a limited role.

Ask Her To Find And Create Party Favors & Guest Gifts

This has the chance to be the funnest part of any wedding. Any bride worth her salt will have something for guests to take home from her wedding, but so often this little detail gets overlooked. That’s what makes this the perfect task for your fiancé’s mother. She can have a fun time operating semi-independently, without worrying too much about going into the nitty gritty planning details.

Let Her Help With The Playlist

Some brides want to have complete control over everything, but many others are happy trusting music planning to someone else. This someone else can be the M.o.t.G. Just give her some simple guidelines, like choosing a first dance song, but otherwise she can help you fill in the gaps between the important songs.

Get Her Involved With Tux Shopping

The mother of the bride retains all rights when it comes to helping her daughter pick out the dress. But, why not have your future mother-in-law come along when you go to pick up the tuxes or suits you want your husband and his groomsmen to wear. It’s only fair, right? It’s her son and his friends, so why not let her have a say?

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