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Get the Perfect Gown for your Beach Wedding

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The beach provides you with a relaxed environment to do your wedding. For you to enjoy your big day you need to wear the right beach wedding dress.

Factors to Consider When Buying the Dress

For you to buy the right dress you need to consider a number of factors:

Material: as rule of thumb you should go for a material that is light, flowing and doesn’t wrinkle. Some of the best materials that you should consider going for are: crepe, chiffon and charmeuse.

You should also consider other fabrics such as duchesse satin, illusion nets, and batiste. You should stay away from thick, heavy materials such as brocade and velvet. The cool thing with a light material is that it allows you to be comfortable and at the same time it does well in the beach wind.

Train: the beach is not a controlled environment; therefore, you have to contend with the wind, pose near water and walk in the sand. Due to this, you should avoid a dress with a long train as the train will get caught in the sand. To have an easy time you should go for a dress with a short train. It’s also wise to go for a short wedding dress in order to pose near water and walk freely.

Popular Beach Styles

There are a number of dresses that are popular with beach weddings. These dresses include:

Empire waist: it fits closely just below the bust line and then falls in a loose column to the feet. This design creates a soft, flowing look that is ideal for the beach setting.

Sheath: also known as a column wedding dress, the sheath dress has a similar line as the empire waist, but tends to have a more structured skirt and doesn’t flow out from the bust line-it falls in a straight line from bust to toe. The best sheath dress to go with is the mini variety.

Mermaid: a mermaid dress fits closely to the body, but it flares out just below the knees. For the dress to be ideal for the beach wedding you should avoid one that is too decorated.

These are some of the best dresses that you can wear during your beach wedding. For a perfect look you should wear the right shoes. The best shoes to go with are ballet-style slippers. If you are edgy you should consider going barefoot.

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