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How To Make A Themed Wedding Without Going Over The Top

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How To Make A Themed Wedding Without Going Over The Top

Making your wedding unique and different has become a very major chore. It is not all about keeping it simple anymore. We want our weddings to fit into our own personal lives but still be able to impress friends and family with our amazing style. A themed wedding displays something that we enjoy in our everyday lives, yet making it into a grander production to include the people we love. Here are some tips on how to make a themed wedding without going over the top. With a bit of help you can make anything into an elegant extravaganza.

Make A Decision

Think of what your favorite theme will be and start planning your wedding around it by choosing what dominate colors you would like to work with. Once you pick the colors you can go from there.

Pick One Object

Most themes are dealing with a particular subject matter and in order to make things simpler you should pick one object to work into your wedding. If your theme is Christmas you would pick Christmas trees to work into your wedding décor for example. Don’t use an entire nativity scene with real animals to show how much you love Christmas.

Color Coordinate

Let the colors of your theme match the colors of the bridesmaid dresses, the décor, and the reception area. The bride may be dressed in white, but let your theme show in your bouquet and boutonnieres. Don’t overdo it, but add dashes of your color theme into odd places that will pop in your wedding.

Let Your Cake Do The Talking

You have the right to go a little crazy with the wedding cake. It is always the highlight of the event, so use the cake to express your theme in full force. It can be as elaborate and ornate as you will allow it to be. Keep in mind that it will be eaten, so think of clever ways that your guests can enjoy it, such as on themed plates or tiny cupcakes.

Give A Themed Gift

The guests are always looking for good wedding souvenirs, so give them one they will never forget. If your theme is Harry Potter, give them a little candy shaped wand or an invisible cloak. Be creative and research how you would like to present your guests with a clever themed gift.

Whatever your theme may be, remember to have fun with it and keep things simple. Do as much research as you can on your theme of choice in order to bring out the best qualities that will make your wedding memorable and amazing.

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