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Nutritional Tips For Radiant Wedding Day Skin

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Nutritional Tips For Radiant Wedding Day Skin

Looking beautiful is our top goal when we are preparing for a wedding. Everything from the hair on our heads to the tips of the toes are all well thought of, but the perfect place to start is our insides. Being healthy is the key to beautiful skin and that has to start months or even years in advance. No jar will have the answer to your beauty needs, but how you treat your body makes all the difference. Here are a few nutritional tips for radiant wedding day skin that will help you on your journey.

Drink Up

Water is the secret to having glowing plump skin, no matter what anyone tells you. Drink 8 full glasses a day and you will see a big difference in your skin and in your health. Getting on this band wagon should be done months in advance and even earlier if possible. Drinking a gallon of water a day will keep the headaches away and the skin looking younger.

Eat Your Fruits & Veggies

Mother Nature has provided everything we need to keep our bodies fit and healthy. Some great foods for your skin are watermelon, broccoli, grapefruit, avocado, whole grains, flax seeds, salmon, tomatoes, quinoa, oranges, tangerines, and greens. Green tea is also great for your skin and overall health.

Get A Professional Facial

See an expert about your skin and let them explain to you how they recommend you to take care of it. Experience a real facial that includes heat, extractions and moisturizing. These are the things that will help your face to heal. At first your face will look rough and irritated but that is normal.

Change Your Beauty Routine

Change your facial moisturizers and your make-up. Look for healthier brands that are gentler on your skin. Find products with sunscreen in them. Cocoa butter is a great skin conditioner and a cocoa butter stick will heal your chapped lips and rough elbows. Go with natural products with less chemicals and additives.

Try A Face Mask

Try adding a face mask to your face cleaning regiment. Origins have great choices in face masks that are helpful to moisturize and clear up the skin. They will give you free samples to try if you go in person.   You could also make your own homemade mask with oatmeal, cornmeal, honey, avocado, and whatever you have in your kitchen. It is fun to invent your very own face mask recipe. Another great mask is Aztec Secret Indian healing clay.

Hit The Spa

Try out some body skin treatments in a spa. Try the salt scrubs and mud baths that will moisturize and heal your skin. Many of these treatments will work wonders when you keep doing them on a regular basis, so start getting spa treatment months before your wedding day.

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