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Planning Your Wedding: Five Points to Remember

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Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. It can make your Fairytale come true so make sure you plan and organize it well so you can work it until it’s all perfect! Here are some points to remember in planning a wedding that you will cherish the most throughout your life.

Plan on your budget.

Have a discussion with your partner about your budget. Stick to your budget and keep your wishes realistic. You don’t have to spend a big amount of money for a single item, otherwise you have to cut the budget on the next one. There are many Do-it-yourself things you could do for your wedding and it will not only save your money, your guests and family will appreciate your effort in putting up your wedding too. Visit multiple stores and compare prices. It doesn’t hurt to bargain something you need for your wedding if it means saving your money.

Have a Wedding Organizer Book or make one.

In order to organize everything, keep a journal with you and jot down from biggest to small details of your wedding (e.g. font color of your wedding invitation) and bring it along with you whenever you have appointment with your wedding organizer, vendors, receptionists, florist and etc. Keep their names, address, contact number and information in this notebook so you can track it by your own. This is where you put your wedding magazine clippings, photographs, fabric samples and other ideas that you get along the way. Take note of what you like and didn’t like so you can analyze it with your partner. In this way, you can compare and organize more by having all the information and classifications you need in organizing a wedding in one notebook that you can look through from time to time.

Ask for help from Family and Friends.

Planning a wedding can be really stressful so you need some help from your family and close friends! Listen to their suggestions and offers that can help you throughout planning your wedding. They can also help you in some things that can save your money and have all things that are available on your budget. You may never know that one of your peers is a professional photographer, willing to be the make-up artist and friends that are very much willing to help you create handmade invitations. Having fun while preparing your wedding in the process can excite you more and look forward for your big day.

Set a timeline.

Give yourself a plenty of time. Usually, a wedding take 12 months to prepare but what matters the most is the last three months. Make sure that you have already booked the venue and be open to the possibilities that problems may occur along the way so have an alternative plan just in case. When setting the date of your wedding, consider the availability of your friends, family and the venue. Let them know what’s coming up so they too, can have time to prepare for your big day. Research on the flowers you want to have if they are available in time of the wedding or out of the season. Also, chose a wedding officiant. Be it a pastor, priest, judge or minister, it is important to know their availability to marry the two of you eight months before the wedding so your day will go smoothly. Weigh the pros and cons of everything you have in mind. A plenty of time can get the work done perfectly and avoid last-minute cancellations and problems that most couples encounter in planning a wedding.


When you have already discuss from where the venue should be to the wedding dress, wedding rings, buffet servings, flowers, up to the font and color of your wedding invitations, make sure to finalize it all. Analyze everything and always make sure that it is for the best and you’re not spending too much money over an item which can be handmade. Talk to your partner and discuss what you have in mind, what you want to be remove and change to make your wedding sparkle. Being sure and secure can will pay you back by providing you the happiest day of your life.

Planning a wedding is fun but can be very stressful. You and your partner as well as your family and friends will work us one to make your dream wedding come true! So be open to eventualities and problems that comes along the way. After all, a romantic and wonderful wedding is really worth the sweat.

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