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Send Your Groom The Perfect Love Note

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It is a common tradition for the bride and groom to exchange love notes in the hours before the bride walks down the aisle. This is the perfect time to breathe, put things in perspective, and remember why all of these preparations and nerves matter. It is common to get lost in the busyness of wedding planning, but ultimately the wedding is purely about the love between you and your groom. In honor of National Love Note Day, we have the ultimate guide to writing a sincere, heartfelt love note for your groom.

For starters, make sure you hand-write this note because it will be a lot more meaningful. Choose nice stationary and a nice pen. This is no postcard! Sign the card to “my groom,” “my love,” or something else other than his name for a more loving touch. Begin taking note of what you are including in your vow and try to think of things that you couldn’t include because they are too personal or sentimental. These are the details you can include in your note. It never hurts to mention things that will be in your vows either because it can be hard to concentrate during the intensity of your wedding ceremony. You can simply touch on some of the strongest promises you are making in your vow to really get across the weight of this special occasion.

Before you actually put pen to paper, make a list of everything you wish to include. This will help you organize your note and refrain from having to write it over again several times. You may want to start your list with some of your best and most important memories and touch on how far you’ve come. You want to make sure you wrap up the note by conveying how deeply you care for and love this person. Don’t just say that you love your groom, but explain why you love him so much. Highlight your favorite qualities and characteristics, as well as his attractive qualities. Lastly, finish with a touching, “see you at 6 p.m.,” or “see you at the altar.”

Don’t try to force this note when you’re stressed, busy, or overwhelmed. Wait until you feel a moment of inspiration, even if it’s the night before your wedding. Trust us, you’ll have plenty to say then!

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