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The Six Best Photo Booth Ideas

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The Six Best Photo Booth Ideas

Photo booths are the newest craze to jazz up a wedding reception and get candid shots of the guests and the wedding party. Photo booths are a great way to let relatives who rarely get to see each other make memories that will last a lifetime and for new friends just coming together because of the bride and groom to cement their new friendship. There are tons of ways to set up a fun photo booth that matches the theme and style of your wedding or just sets the tone for more fun than anyone ever imagined. Whether you rent a booth from a professional company or go the DIY route, a photo booth at your reception will ramp up the fun and make your day a more memorable event for both you and your guests! Here are the six best photo booth ideas to help you decide how you want to utilize this newest reception idea.

  1. Rent a Booth: If you want something that is relatively stress free and lots of fun, couples can rent a booth from a professional company. Prices range from $500 to $1000 based on the packages you choose, but you can set all the worry aside as most packages come with a professional on-site attendant the day of your wedding to run the booth for you.
  2. Country Couture: For those weddings with a rustic or country theme, a country couture DIY booth is a great idea for your reception. Hay bales or pallets make a great country background. Have on hand rustic buckets with flowers, country hats and caps, bandanas and vintage country picture frames as props.
  3. Floral Backdrop: Find a little used alcove or hallway for this photo booth. Hang a huge piece of fabric with a floral pattern that compliments your wedding flowers to make a huge floral backdrop. Find a few wingback chairs and paint some vintage frames with silver or gold paint to use as props.
  4. Candy Shop: A white backdrop with a candy cart or cotton candy machine makes a candy shop photo booth area. Buckets of lollipops and other candy related items can serve as props and favors for guests!
  5. Vintage Chic: Choose a light and airy floral pattern and hang the fabric like a curtain across the back of the photo booth area. Little bouquets of flowers, sunglasses, hats and vintage frames in funky colors that complement the backdrop round out the props for this vintage chic photo booth.
  6. Chalkboard Fun: Use a brick wall for the backdrop and have chalkboard signs for guests to write little messages on for props. You can even hang a few chalkboards on the brick wall and let your guests write messages to the happy couple. Other props include a glad bag of feather boas, funky hats as well as other party store props for lots of chalkboard fun.

Make sure you have reliable equipment that is easy to set up and use as well as printers and photo paper if you go the DIY route. Using one of the six best photo booth ideas here will take your reception to the next level of fun!

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