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The 4 Things You Should Splurge On

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Wedding Budget: The 4 Things You Should Splurge On

Americans spend $26,444 dollars on average to pay for their wedding. Budget conscious Americans are pushing back at that average expectation and are finding new ways to cut costs for their wedding budget so they can keep that number less than half of that average. However, even within the tightest wedding budget there should be given the appropriate allotment for a few items that you do not want to scrimp on. Discover the 4 things you should splurge on for your wedding day and your guests will never notice you cut costs in other areas.

  1. Professional Day-Of Photographer: Your actual wedding day is special. You will never get that day back. After all of the planning, the jitters, and the stress, you’ll want to be able to look back on your wedding day and remember the day that started it all with beautiful photos. If you get a cheap photographer, chances are you will wind up with cheap photos, some may be blurry, the light may look off, and you can probably kiss any dreams of candid photos of your guests goodbye. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a good camera whiz!
  2. Professional Videographer: In years past a wedding tape could have been made from a family member’s home video recorder. Yet, he sound was always a tad hollow, and it was a bit of a gamble whether the picture would be clear or if it would be strange. A videographer was always recommended in those days. As technology has improved, it may seem as though a videographer has become unnecessary. Quality video can be taken from our phones! However, a professional videographer will be able to set up a few cameras for a few different angles. They will cut the tape together for a cohesive and flowing story. Plus, if you have a videographer your guests will be able to put their phones down and organically enjoy the day.
  3. Venue: Many couples opt to scrimp on their venue, but we would recommend considering the opposite. If your venue is beautiful and already has the look you were going for, you won’t have to spend as much money on decorations. A place that is aesthetically pleasing will look great in photos as well. Furthermore, certain structures have a certain ambience already while other places will need a lot of work to create the same feeling. Of course, the budget conscious will have to splurge within reason.
  4. Decorations & Wedding Planner: Not everyone is a great party planner, or has the time and energy to DIY their wedding into Pinterest pride. That is why wedding planners have a job. They are professionals and therefore plan and decorate for a living. To some, this may seem extravagant. However, there is a lot to be said for getting enough rest the week of your wedding instead of staying up all night every night trying to make things perfect and catching a cold in the process. You’ll want to enjoy your wedding day, not be sick for it. Hire a professional.

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