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What Should You Eat On Your Wedding Day?

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In the midst of gathering your belongings and your squad on the way to the salon, you can easily forget to eat breakfast, which is still the most important meal of the day. Whatever you do, don’t be the bride who chooses not to eat for fear of puffing up. Try to keep your eating routine as regular as possible to prevent any sudden fainting or sicknesses. We have a complete list of foods you should eat on your wedding day that won’t cause bloating or stomach aches. We’ve also included some tips on what not to eat. Avoid being hungry or fatigued on your special day by using our wedding day food guide.

Best Foods To Eat

  • Avocados are great for shiny hair and glowing skin, and they also happen to be very filling. Add them to a salad for a meal that will keep you full all day long.
  • Trail mix is perfect for getting enough protein without chomping on meat. Make sure to include lots of healthy nuts like almonds and walnuts. Nix the chocolate, unless you want to risk spilling it on your dress.
  • Create a morning parfait bar for you and your bridesmaids. Greek yogurt is filling and has plenty of protein. Top the yogurt with fruit and coconut flakes for a breakfast that packs a punch.
  • Turkey is a light meat that will keep you lean and full without feeling heavy. Add it to a salad to complete a meal.
  • We realize this isn’t food, but make sure you’re drinking plenty of water all day long to keep you hydrated, energized, and glowing.

Worst Foods To Eat

  • Smoothies, juices, and anything else that requires you to drink through a straw is bad news bears. When using a straw you suck in too much air causing unwanted bloating.
  • Coffee will leave you with bad breath no matter how many times you brush your teeth and chew on mints. Choose a caffeinated tea instead if you’re worried about your caffeine fix.
  • Rolls, bread, pasta, and other heavy carbs will only slow you down, drain you of energy, and make you feel bloated. Replace sandwiches and wraps with lettuce wraps or rice paper.
  • We’re guessing this is a no-brainer, but avoid hot soup. Not only could it spill, but the heat will cause bloating.
  • A pre-wedding toast in the dressing room is essential for you and your bridesmaids, but skip the champagne. Choose a glass of lemon water instead. If you feel the need to have alcohol, then stick to hard liquors or white wine for something that won’t fill your stomach with air.

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