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Beauty Products You Need For Your Winter Wedding

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Winter Wedding Beauty Products

Winter weddings are drastically different than other times of the year due to the change in temperature, and occasionally snowfall will cause wedding locations to differ as well. It may be tempting to keep the same beauty products all year round, but the truth is that your skin reacts differently to different environments and must be tailored accordingly – especially for your big day. The trick is to make sure you set a beauty regimen at least a month – if not a few months – ahead of time, so your skin and body are in a set routine. Here are the essential winter wedding beauty products.

A Simple Toner

The first step for you and your bridesmaids after washing your face is to use a gentle toner to sweep away dead skin. Dead skin can build up during the day from dry air, especially if you’re working in an office environment. Make sure you use a cotton ball with the toner, rather than your fingers or a tissue. Avoiding touching your face is best no matter what season it is, and tissues can leave little white particles all over your face.

The Right Face Creams

Your skin will look dull if it is not properly hydrated, and the easiest way to do this is with a deep night cream. This cream should do the heavy lifting for you a night, while a light day cream with SPF is essential; UV rays are actually more harmful during the winter when they bounce off snow. Choose a day cream that’s light enough for you to reapply often.

Body Scrub and Oil

Your body will also look paler and duller in the winter from dead skin build up. After using a fairly rough body scrub with sloughing particles, you will want to moisturize with oil rather than lotion this time of year. Oil will take longer to dry, but will leave your skin baby soft. Lotions, especially novelty scented ones, may need to be reapplied too often for it to be worth using them.

Moisturizing Makeup

The key to winter weddings clearly has been to make sure your skin is moisturized and on a reliable routine for it to be at its optimal state. When it comes to makeup, what you wear in the summer is definitely not going to fly in the winter. Unless you plan on tanning, your foundation shade is going to much lighter than in the summer months. When you visit your local beauty store, make sure you consult a beauty expert to find the right shade. Consider trying a BB or CC cream to keep your skin hydrated throughout the day. Any sort of powder will dry your face out even more, so keep that at a minimum. Eye makeup can typically stay the same, except waterproof mascara is recommended for teary eyes – from emotion, and from the stinging wind. Finally, lipstick can look horribly flaky in colder temperatures because the skin is so delicate, so the next best thing is to find a lip stain and a chapstick to go over it.

Make sure you have these winter wedding beauty products for a flawless wintry wedding!

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