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5 Winter Bridal Blunders To Avoid

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Winter Wedding Tips: 5 Winter Bridal Blunders To Avoid

While many brides-to-be opt for a spring wedding, some want their special day to be set in a winter wonderland. Temperatures are dropping, snow is falling, and for you, wedding bells are ringing!

While you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous going down the aisle (after all, you’ll have that newly wed glow), you need to be aware of all of the pretty pitfalls that could occur on your big day. From things that might go wrong during your winter wedding to absolute no-no’s, we’ve got the best winter wedding tips to ensure you bypass any blunders during your winter wedding day.

Spray Tan Scares

Having a sun-kissed glow during a cold winter’s day can be nice, especially if you’re super translucent. But don’t be tempted to get a spray tan the day or two before. Tanning earlier ensures that you’ll have already washed off the first layer of the tan, it will have settled into your skin, and you can moisturize for a dewy look that is irresistible to your groom. Additionally, getting too dark can look unnatural in wedding photos, and nobody wants to look like an orange Oompa-Loompa during their big day.

Wine Woes

Avoid consuming anything dark on your wedding day. A hot cup of Joe might seem tempting during a cold winter morning, but it, along with red wine and chocolate, can drastically tint your pearly whites. To get a picture perfect grin, invest in a professional teeth-whitening service. Short on cash? Pick up some whitening strips from your local grocery store two weeks prior to the wedding.

Don’t Leave Your Bridesmaids Freezing

If you’re having a white wedding outdoors, you can’t be too picky about what your bridesmaids wear. While it’s okay to deck them in style, remember that they can’t dash from the limo to the church in sky-high heels during hazardous snowy or icy conditions. Be okay with them toting around a pair of sneakers or boots from one place to the next. And obviously, snug coats are a must. It definitely takes more than a pashmina to ward of a winter chill.

Color Outside The Lines

Don’t shy away from color for a winter wedding. If you’re wearing a crisp white dress, the beautiful details could get lost against a backdrop of snow. Opt for a bold red dress, which looks stunning with evergreen accents, for a standout and stylish look.

Not So Cozy Reception

While you want to keep your guests warm and snug during a winter wedding reception, you don’t want things to overheat on the dance floor. If you notice some of your guests breaking a sweat, ask your wedding coordinator or site manager to turn the heat down a notch or two. Another option is setting the thermostat for the dance floor a few degrees lower if your venue offers separate thermostats for different areas.

By following these winter wedding tips, you’ll be sure to avoid any unnecessary wedding dilemmas.